About NeighborDeals

NeighborDeals Is a Community

Your dad said, “Don’t do business with friends.” Your mom said, “Don’t talk to strangers.” Your grandma said, “Let’s have a garage sale!”

NeighborDeals listened to all of them and created a way for you to buy, sell, trade, barter or share goods and services with the people closest to you – for free.

Like a community billboard, NeighborDeals showcases items for sale and services to try, all offered by the folks you see every day in the elevator, courtyard, laundry room, gym, corner store or parking area. People you know and can trust.

Plus, NeighborDeals Social Clubs allow you and other Neighbors to share interests and information on a variety of topics – or start your own social club!

NeighborDeals Is Commerce

Sell that unused treadmill. Trade golf clubs. Offer to put together your neighbor’s new bookcase in exchange for those hard covers she no longer wants. NeighborDeals allows you to make the deal you want to make.

Create your own local economy in your Community with NeighborDeals.

NeighborDeals Is Convenient and Cost-Efficient

Kick the tires of that moped before you buy it. Measure that armchair and check under the cushion before moving it to your living room. Check for scratches on the mirror in apartment 5-D – it’s perfect for your entryway.

Making deals with your Neighbors eliminates travel time and cuts shipping, moving and storage expenses.

Join the rest of your Community – they’re already asking, “What’s the Deal?” at NeighborDeals.